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Foster and Resource Families

Support and Information for Foster and Relative Caregivers

If you are a foster or resource family, we are here to support you.  

 Listed below are materials and services we offer.  

Availability of materials depends on the donations we receive, 

but we will do our best to find a partner to help you if we don't have what you need.

  Thank you for all you do.  You are a treasured part of our community!

Shelter Care Resources Materials 

Shelter Care Resources houses the Heart2Heart Materials Closet.

Although the overall content of the closet depends on donations, here is a list of what is usually available in the closet:

      Baby clothes of all sizes, diapers and wipes.  

      Some teen and adult clothes

      Children's clothes up to size 14-16 (Some larger)

      Cribs, Pack and plays, strollers, and bouncers 

      Bibs, bottles and other baby accessories

      Blankets and receivers

      Toys for small children (mostly babies)

      Shoes are available by request       

      Beds, Bedding and other linens

      Toiletries: Soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes

      Backpacks and school supplies

      New Foster Child kits: Duffel bag, teddy bear, blanket and book

Sometimes a family needs things that are larger or outside the box:  

fees for sports, furniture, bicycles or even wheelchairs.  

We may or may not have these things at the moment someone asks, but can certainly research ways to find them.  

We always do our best to help our families!

Shelter Care Resources Family Services


Child Behavior:

Because Rob and Corey Branchflower spent many years fostering, they are often able to give information on resources for foster children.  If you are having difficulty with a foster child, they may be able to help you find assistance or training in dealing with specific behaviors.  Many of the partners on this website are excellent resources, so be sure to check them out!

Pastoral Counseling:

Fostering can take its toll on marriage and family.  It is vitally important that foster parents get what they need and have someone to talk to who can relate to the specific issues of dealing with traumatized children.  Shelter Care Resources can refer you to a group or counselor who understands your particular needs as a foster parent. 

Child Care:

This is indeed one of the most difficult problems in fostering and parenting.  Where do you send the kids for day care?  We can help you search for someone to care for your child should you choose to take them in.  (Keep in mind that foster children may be required to be near their school of origin.)


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