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Who We Help

How We Help - Materials and Information

Most of the help we provide falls under one of two categories:  

 1)  I need something material and/or 

 2) I need information on how to do something 

Our goal is to provide both of these things to a limited degree, then help you find others that can help more.

Foster Families

We provide gently used clothing, shoes, new toiletries and other material necessities for foster families taking placements at any time. We can connect foster families with support groups, answer questions about fostering, and offer information about special events for foster families and children.

Resource Caregivers

We provide gently used clothing, shoes, new toiletries and other material necessities for kinship families, as well as connecting them with mentors who will be available for ongoing support. We can also provide information about special events for kinship caregivers and children.

Teens in Crisis Pregnancy

We help provide teens in crisis pregnancy with any materials needed for the baby, should they choose to keep the child.  We provide clothes, shoes, toiletries, backpacks and school supplies as well as other educational resources and materials.   We can also direct the teens and families to organizations that offer classes, counseling, and other ongoing support services.

Homeless Children and Families

We provide clothing, shoes and basic necessities for families with children facing homelessness. We can also help direct families to shelters if they need to find one, although the wait for a shelter can be long. We can also help families find food pantries and other resources to support them in times of crisis.

Social Workers and Agencies

If you are from a foster family agency, a social worker or advocate from a school or another kind of agency, please feel free to make inquiries for your clients.  Understanding that much information is confidential, we often work through social workers and agencies to maintain the confidentiality of clients.  We are available by appointment to deliver materials.


If you are a pastor or leader in the church, feel free to inquire for members of your congregation that need assistance.  We can either provide basic necessities for those who meet the above criteria, or help you direct them to someone who can help.  We are also happy to connect with your community service groups to partner in various outreach efforts.

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