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Digital Literacy and Tutoringat "the HATCH"

Working with laptops

940 사우스 "A" 스트리트, 모음곡 920

옥스나드, CA 93030

(805) 612-7091

학군, 학교 또는 교사 추천에 의해 이용 가능한 과외

The need for instruction in digital literacy has grown since more instruction has moved to online platforms.  Students need to be educated in both computer literacy and academics in order to succeed in school.  The HATCH now provides free courses in Digital Literacy that prepare a student for college or a job as an IT Technician.  

Students may learn in person or online, or a combination of the two.   Any student without internet or computer access may use the computers and internet at our office.  Much of the coursework may also be done using a tablet or phone. 

Tutoring in other subject is is also available by request!

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