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Crisis Pregnancy 

There is a reason they call it crisis pregnancy.  

The unexpected addition of a baby can put tremendous stress on the mother, baby and family. 

 We aim to relieve as much stress as possible by providing infant supplies,

clothing and food for the whole family and informational resources to low-income mothers and children.

Listed below are some of the resource providers who partner with us.

Adolescent Family Planning

Adolescent Family Planning is a program that helps teen moms and dads stay in school.  The social workers at AFLP are amazing people who really care about the teens and even give them rides to places they need to go.  As a government agency, AFLP offers teens all the options when they come in for counseling.  For this reason, Shelter Care Resources sees the immense importance of offering assistance to teens who want to keep their children but worry about how they are going to provide for themselves and the child.  When we help these teen moms keep their babies healthy and safe, we are not just providing materials. We are saving lives.

Ventura County Pregnancy Center

(805) 644-3307

Ventura County Pregnancy Center provides free pregnancy tests, counseling, parenting classes and materials.  Their "Earn While You Learn" program allows teens who enroll in the program to earn "baby bucks" for supplies when they take classes there. They have a reputation for quality care and for providing emotional support to mothers.


Calvary Chapel Oxnard

Calvary Chapel Oxnard has a very dedicated team of Christian women who will offer counseling and support to women experiencing crisis pregnancy.  Embrace Grace  - a ministry for pregnant single mothers, exists to help inspire and equip the church to love and encourage single and pregnant young women and their families.

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