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Shelter Care Resources does more than just provide material resources.  We give children a chance to dream big.

Far left:  At our back-to-school event, we were able to provide students with clothing, shoes, and sports gear.

Left:  Executive Director Corey Branchflower takes a student on his first-ever 5k race, the "Haunted Housing Run," to benefit homeless students.

Inflation has affected more families than ever, and the number of incoming families has increased greatly this year. We depend on donations to keep our operations running so we can continue to serve all the families in need.
Please consider a financial donation to keep our offices open, food pantry full of food and closet full of supplies.  You may choose a category for donation through Paypal


We Need Your Help!

Please Donate!

Donated funds go to pay for supplies or general operations unless designated to a specific area of interest.

You can make out checks to:

Shelter Care Resources

940 South "A" Street, #940 

Oxnard, CA  93030

You can also scan the QR code below OR

donate through paypal by clicking the dollar sign above. 


Our paypal address is:

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