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21st Century Education

940 South "A" Street, Suite 920

Oxnard, CA 93030

(805) 612-7091

Tutoring available by district, school, or teacher referral

The HATCH Digital Literacy Program

The need for instruction in digital literacy has grown since more instruction has moved to online platforms.  Students need to be educated in both computer literacy and academics in order to succeed in school.  Beginning in summer 2023, the HATCH will provide free assistance to students in digital literacy, reading, writing and math.  Students are referred by school districts, administrators and teachers. 

They may learn in groups or individually, depending on their needs.  


Broadband Access for Those Without Connection

The HATCH has high-speed internet, computers, printers, school supplies, and a conference table for students to do homework.  Parents may stay with the students and take advantage of the internet access.  We can also help qualifying families obtain phones and broadband access for low-income households.


Incentive, Inspiration, Inclusion

Students who fall behind in school may lack the inspiration to continue.  We create individualized plans that encourage students to challenge themselves.  Our online curriculum comes from a variety of student-friendly sources that offer instant gratification such as badges and certificates for completing daily goals.  Students of all ages and grade levels can feel successful, regardless of their academic standing. 

Woman Tutoring Child
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