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Shelter Care Resources - What We D​o

Shelter Care Resources provides basic necessities for low-income, homeless and foster families. We operate a food pantry, a clothing and hygiene resource center, and help those who are homeless or 

at-risk of homelessness with housing information.

Shelter Care Resources provee necesidades básicas para familias de bajos ingresos, sin hogar y de crianza temporal.  Operamos una despensa de alimentos, un centro de recursos de ropa e higiene, y ayudamos a aquellos que están sin hogar o en riesgo de falta de hogar con información sobre vivienda.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide basic necessities and resources that promote health, well-being and education to our county's at-risk children and families. We make this effort to advocate for families and offer hope of a better education and future for the children in our county.

Declaración de Misión

Nuestra misión es proveer necesidades y recursos básicos que promuevan la salud, el bienestar y la educación a los niños y familias en riesgo de nuestro condado. Hacemos este esfuerzo para abogar por las familias y ofrecer esperanza de una mejor educación y futuro para los niños en nuestro condado.

How Can We Help You?  



Information on our weekly food pantry or how to get help if you were not able to attend.

Información sobre nuestra despensa semanal de alimentos o cómo obtener ayuda si no pudo atender.

For more info,



You can access clothing and hygiene assistance by referral from your children's school, local church, clinic, or other human service agency.

Puede acceder a la ropa y la asistencia de higiene por referencia de la escuela de sus hijos, la iglesia local, la clínica o otra agencia de servicios humanos.

To make a request,

(Para hacer una solicitación)


If you are in need of housing information, particularly mothers of teen boys, we have limited but necessary assistance.

Si necesita información sobre vivienda, particularmente madres de adolescentes, tenemos asistencia limitada pero necesaria.


Foster and Resource Families

Are you a foster or resource family 

with a new placement?  

We can help provide materials and/or information on important resources

Homeless Families

Are you homeless 

or in danger of becoming homeless? 

 We can provide clothing and other supplies, information on local shelters 

and other forms of assistance.

Teens in Crisis Pregnancy

Are you a pregnant teen or

 a friend or family member of a

 teen in crisis pregnancy? 

 We can help provide materials and connect you with other agencies who can support you.

Community Service Partner

Are you a member of our community who wants to help or has something to donate?  

Click below for more information about how to partner with us.

Please call or email with any questions.  We are happy to answer!

(805) 612-7091 

Official Non-Profit 501c3 

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